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15 Questions from the Applicant that the Employer will evaluate

An interview is a negotiation between two equal parties. It is important not only to answer questions but to also ask your own. This way you will show your knowledge of the company, interest in the position and stand out among other candidates. You will also learn more about the job and your daily responsibilities.

Try to think through the questions in advance and ask them at the end of the interview. We have simplified this task for you and prepared a list of those that recruiters expect from the ideal candidate.

Questions about the job

These questions will help you understand what daily responsibilities the job involves and what you need to do to succeed in this position.

1) What are the average daily activities of this position?

You will learn what actions are expected of you, and get an idea of what specific routine is welcomed.

2) What are the qualities of the ideal candidate for this position?

This is a quick way to see if your skills are right for the company. If they do not match your skills or your desired skills, move on and do not waste time trying to take this place.

3) What difficulties will arise in this position?

The answer will advise you about possible difficulties that you will face in your work. To avoid unexpected circumstances during the first days, it is better to know in advance about the potential pitfalls.

4) What are the main expectations for the first 6-12 months?

This is a great question to get a general idea of the employer's expectations and how to evaluate your performance in a future role.

Questions about the company

Being comfortable in a work environment is just as important as enjoying your daily responsibilities. Will they support you? Will your values match? Do you agree with the company's policy and management methods within it? This should be clarified at the interview stage.

1) What does the company do to live up to its core values?

You will learn about the main priorities in management and understand whether managers care about the comfort of employees. You will determine if there are any points that make this position unsuitable for you.

2) How do you see the company developing in three years, and what contribution do you expect from the employee in this position?

This is a good question to understand how the success of the entire team will help you move up the career ladder. It will show that you are broad-minded and are committed to long-term cooperation.

3) What are the main problems the company is facing right now and what is the department doing to solve them?

You will learn how things are going from the inside and understand what the employees will focus on in the next few months. This question will draw attention to the fact that you have thought about your actions in advance to achieve the main tasks.

4) How do you resolve conflicts within the company?

With this question, you will learn about the company's corporate culture. You will also show that you potentially have the skills to successfully solve conflicts as the company sees fit.

Questions about the company's values in relation to employees

If it is important for you to professionally develop, make sure that your expectations coincide with reality. These questions will help you learn about the role of the position in the company and about the opportunities that are provided for promotion.

1) What kind of career growth is expected in this position?

You will find out whether the manager helps his employees to develop their career, and whether there is an opportunity in this company. This will show your interest in rising up in the company.

2) Why did this vacancy appear?

The answer to this question will explain where the previous employee went. If the place is vacant because of a promotion, it means that the company has  opportunities for career development.

3) What is my potential team like?

Detailed information about other employees will help you understand whether you will be comfortable with future colleagues and whether this position is suitable for you.

Questions about the hiring process

The answers to these questions will explain the next steps and deadlines in the employment process. With them, you can focus on important information and successfully complete the interview.

1) What is the next stage of the interview?

This question will show your intentions to go all the way to the end of this process. You will also understand how long the selection process will take. Based on the answer, you can find out if you have a chance to go further, thus preparing for the next stage.

2) Have I answered all your questions?

This is to help the interviewer to return to the moments that remained unclear or confusing. This is a great opportunity to explain again why you are suitable and to dispel doubts about your qualifications.

3) Did my answers make me doubt that I am suitable for this position?

If you have the courage to ask this question, you will receive feedback about your candidacy immediately. You will also show confidence and the ability to openly discuss your weaknesses with your future employer.

4) Is there anything else I can do to help make a decision?

It's a polite way to find out if you've made every effort to get the job you want, showing enthusiasm and interest. You can also find out information that you didn't even think to ask about.

So, when you think about what to ask, remember that your goal is to demonstrate your knowledge of the company and express your determination about the position. After you prepare your list, don't forget to practice out loud. This way you will remember the questions better and be more confident in the interview.